Sweet sweetness, salty salt, and fatty fatness—the most satisfying, barbaric snacks balance all three. And salted peanuts dropped into cold soda is just such a primal, satisfying snack. “I understand this is a long-standing Texas tradition,” says ipsedixit. “Well, it’s news to me.”

It’s news to many Chowhounds—and a pleasant reminder of childhood for others. “Back in the olde days when you pulled glass bottles of Coke out of a vending machine, my dad (a Texan) used to put peanuts in his and taught me (another Texan) to do the same. It’s been many a decade since I’ve done it though,” says Perilagu Khan. steakman55 grew up with peanuts in soda as well. “Growing up in rural North Florida in the 1950s, we would get a Coke (only 6.5 oz. available), drink a couple of swallows, and then pour in a sleeve of Lance peanuts,” he says. “Then, when drinking the Coke, we would get a few peanuts as well. I told my wife about this a few years ago and she thought it was gross. It was, however, heaven in a bottle.”

Times change, though. “I put salted peanuts in RC Colas decades ago,” says jimingso. “If I did it now, it would be dry roasted peanuts in a Diet Coke. Doubt if it would be as tasty.” And the experience wouldn’t be the same with a plastic bottle, says Perilagu Khan. There are still practitioners of the dark art of peanut soda—“my last peanuts in my Coke was . . . last Tuesday!!!” says Uncle Bob. But the tradition has sadly declined throughout the South. “So much has been lost, so little gained,” meditates Sam Fujisaka.

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