While lots of food blogging recounts kitchen triumphs and the resulting yummy dishes, not every cooking project ends in success.

Susan Voisin, of FatFree Vegan Kitchen, a blog that is a go-to spot for delicious vegan dishes despite its austere-sounding name, recently had a kitchen disaster when she substituted pumpkin for chickpeas in a Thai-influenced recipe:

Maybe it’s because it was Halloween and I hadn’t made anything remotely seasonal; maybe it was the pumpkin sitting on my counter, taunting me with my unaccomplished goal of transforming it into some elaborate but still healthy dish. Whatever the reason, I chose pumpkin over chickpeas and lived to regret it.

She was about to trash the recipe, but in a stroke of inspiration (from her husband), she asked her readers to help her come up with a way to make it better, and Can This Recipe Be Saved? was born. Check out her blog post, then come up with a save by November 11 to compete in the contest and possibly win a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Think Thai, everyone.

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