With autumn comes the last of the year’s corn—and a final chance to score fresh corn ice cream. Farm-to-table mecca Blue Hill makes a delicious one that’s “like frozen frosted flakes,” swears the breakfast-minded doona.

piccola recommends the version at Cones, the Argentine-style gelateria, which also wins praise for its toasted almond and toasted coconut flavors.

Otto, well known for its novel olive-oil gelato, also does nicely by sweet corn (“far better than the savory food,” claims boccalupo), as well as more conventional flavors like milk chocolate with chocolate chips.

For an out-of-the-ordinary mass-market snack, there’s the Korean version from Lotte, studded with dried corn kernels and squeezed into a waferlike cookie shaped like an ear of corn. Check the freezer case of stores like Hanahreum and Hanyang.

Other intriguing ice creams can be had at Bouley, which scoops up a scrumptious huckleberry and sour cream sorbet, and board favorite Il Laboratorio del Gelato, where the choices range from light and herbal (fresh mint, lemon basil) to surprising (Thai chili chocolate) to rich and satisfying (milk chocolate malt).

Asian flavors are perennial crowd-pleasers. kenito799 goes for the honey-wasabi ice cream at noodle house Soba-Ya. Sundaes & Cones offers a lineup of Eastern flavors; black sesame is one of the best, says druz99. And the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is beloved for such offerings as green tea, litchi, tangerine, and the newish peanut-and-sesame revelation called Zen Butter.

Blue Hill [Greenwich Village]
75 Washington Place (between Sixth Avenue and MacDougal Street), Manhattan

Cones [Greenwich Village]
272 Bleecker Street (between Morton Street and Seventh Avenue), Manhattan

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria [Greenwich Village]
1 Fifth Avenue (at Eighth Street), Manhattan

Bouley [Tribeca]
120 W. Broadway (at Duane Street), Manhattan

Il Laboratorio del Gelato [Lower East Side]
95 Orchard Street (between Broome and Delancey streets), Manhattan

Soba-Ya [East Village]
229 E. Ninth Street (between Second and Third avenues), Manhattan

Sundaes & Cones [East Village]
95 E. 10th Street (between Third and Fourth avenues), Manhattan

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory [Chinatown]
65 Bayard Street (between Mott and Elizabeth streets), Manhattan

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