The Chicago Tribune (registration required) reports that the sophisticated flavor of black licorice is starting to appeal to a new generation. Until recently, few people under 50 were familiar with any licorice besides Twizzlers.

‘There wasn’t much good licorice around for so long,’ said Elizabeth Erlandson, co-owner of Licorice International in Lincoln, Neb. The Web site ( sells 160 types of licorice from 13 countries.

To Erlandson, ‘good’ licorice means a product made with real licorice extract, no artificial flavors and no anise. It should have an intense flavor similar to a strong root beer.

According to the article, more people in their 30s are getting into licorice now, and licorice is working its way into more and more restaurant dishes. Chef Giuseppe Tentori of Boka in Chicago shares his recipe for black licorice short ribs, and Dorie Greenspan recently blogged about the licorice ice cream that she tasted in Paris. Greenspan doesn’t reveal the restaurant’s recipe, but we’ve got one here.

If you’re looking to try some of these recipes at home, the Tribune also offers a list of sources for licorice root powder, licorice extract liquid, and raw licorice root.

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