Restaurants come with all kinds of gimmicks, from the musical theme of the Hard Rock Café to the live-action chopping at Benihana. In many cases, neither the cuisine nor the forced theme seems worthwhile to me, but Fodor’s recently compiled a list of restaurants it “applaud[s] for guaranteeing diners a meal to remember”—and a few of them seem downright intriguing.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Hilton Maldives Resort will appeal to anyone who gets as excited about the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week as he does about Top Chef. The $5 million restaurant was actually sunk into the sea, so you’re eating more than 15 feet underwater, surrounded by 270-degree views of sharks, rays, and candy-colored fish. (Full disclosure: I’ll watch a nature show over a cooking show any day, so—gimmicky or not—this place sounds totally dope to me.)

Fodor’s also mentions a few less exciting places, like Seattle’s conveyor-belt sushi joint and the pitch-black Parisian/London restaurant Dans le Noir, which provides a blind eating experience (and also provided fodder for a recent CSI episode … yes, I know, I watch a lot of really nerdy TV). Belgium’s Dinner in the Sky, where a crane yanks tables of diners over 160 feet above ground, sounds terrible to me, but I’d certainly be up for a date at a branch of Zauo, the Japanese chain of restaurants where diners fish for their own dinner.

Has anybody been to any of these spots? Any more bizarre dining experiences to add to the list?

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