Oh, Moon Brine pickles were so wonderful! Crispy, flavorful, perfect … too bad you can’t get ’em anymore, because the guy who made them is moving to Oregon. A worthy substitute is Grillo’s. “The guy who makes them was on hand at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods and he said he’s following his grandfather’s recipe, and making them in Newmarket Square. I’m not a dill pickle lover, but I thought they were the best dills I’ve ever tasted,” says katzzz. Grillo’s runs a stand outside of the T station if you want a taste; two spears for a buck.

In other pickle news, BostonZest responded to a request for Amish-style hot pickles with this scintillating news: “I was out at Wilson Farms in Lexington today and saw lots of pickled items. There were hot bread and butter pickles, Okra, beans, etc.”

Grillo’s Pickles Stand [Downtown]
Park & Tremont streets, Boston
No phone available

Wilson Farms [North of Boston]
10 Pleasant Street, Lexington

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Amish-style hot pickles

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