“Do you ever have that hankering for a Chinese meal, but for the life of you, you have no idea what it is exactly you’re craving?” asks pleasurepalate. If so, President Square Food Court is the place to go, with seven food stalls including a patisserie and a boba shop.

At Hsin Hsin Shau May Deli, the range of hot items is dizzying—a three-item combo comes with soup and rice. Tofu skin–wrapped pork is delicious, light and moist like a good meatball. Fried tofu, cooked in an onion and bell pepper broth, has a nice kick that suggests chile.

Black mushroom and bamboo noodle soup at Zilin Noodle House, cooked to order, is divine, with thick and meaty mushrooms and plenty of bamboo. Leek veggie box, on the other hand, is like a really firm omelet filled with leeks, glass noodles, tofu, and bean sprouts—but it’s greasy and has a strange aftertaste.

You can also pick up some yummy roast pork to go from Full House B.B.Q. Even if you take the long way home, the skin will still be crispy. “On my way out, I couldn’t resist going to Full House BBQ and after seeing that whole roasted pig hanging in the display with its deliciously crispy skin, I ordered some to take home. Even hours later, that skin was still crispy and how can you go wrong with roasted pork? Yum!”

President Square Food Court [San Gabriel Valley]
Near 99 Ranch Market
1220 S. Golden West Avenue, Arcadia

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