pane went with a friend to the Divisadero branch of the Cheese Steak Shop; it is “definitely the best cheese steak either of us had tried on the West Coast.” Says Jack, “I’m no expert on Philly Cheese Steaks but I’ve never had a better one than at the Cheese Steak Shop.” And for Agent 510, nothing else on either coast does it as well for him.

The Cheese Steak Shop is a simple, shabby sort of place, with pasted-up maps of Philadelphia. It “reminded me a lot of sub-type shops in the blue collar New England town where I grew up,” says pane. The cheesesteak comes with cooked onions chopped into the meat, melted American cheese, and peppers piled on top. And the bun is perfect, with just the right amount of give.

The shop also has Tastykakes in the fridge: chocolate, butterscotch, and crumb cake.

It’s tough during lunch—there’s only one dude running the line, phone orders, and pickups, and it’s mobbed. It took pane half an hour to order, even though he was only fifth in line. If you’re in any sort of a hurry, you probably want to phone in your order.

Prices are ridiculously cheap; on Wednesday, sides are half off.

This is a chain, with shops in Berkeley, Concord, and Alameda, among other locations.

Cheese Steak Shop [Western Addition]
1716 Divisadero Street, San Francisco

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