The spirit of Mr. Pink, apparently recovered from his Reservoir Dogs adventures, takes a moment to possess a still-living body and write up a dining-related blog post for the New York Times. In it, as you’d expect, he expresses his irritation with servers who expect a generous tip. To be fair, the writer (David Sax, the author of Save the Deli) doesn’t advocate stiffing your waiter or waitress; he just fumes impotently at the mandatory tips for parties of six or more (if you’ve ever been on the other side of that relationship, you’d understand why they’re mandatory) and the hollowness of the “underpaid server” argument as presented to an underpaid journalist.

“This tipping automatically, it’s for the birds.” (If you want to relive the Res Dogs magic, head on over to YouTube and note that the video clip is stuffed with Tarantino-esque profanity.)

Here’s what’s etiquette columnist has to say about tipping.

Image source: Flickr member alex-s under Creative Commons

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