david kaplan had a really excellent version of ca kho to—Vietnamese catfish in a clay pot—at Golden Flower Vietnamese. “Ca kho to is a simple dish: fish is simmered in a sauce of liquid caramel, fish sauce, and ground black pepper, then sprinkled with green onions. The trick is the freshness of the fish and the consistency and balance of the sauce. Golden Flower gets it just right for me. Their catfish is very fresh and delicate, and the sauce is slightly numbing from the salty fish sauce and the pepper without being too sweet. Generous portion, too, for $7.”

Dave MP has had Pagolac’s version. He isn’t particularly impressed by Pagolac in general but likes its ca kho to better than anything else he tried.

Golden Flower Vietnamese [Chinatown]
667 Jackson Street, San Francisco

Pagolac [Tenderloin]
655 Larkin Street, San Francisco

Board Link: ca kho to (catfish claypot) at Golden Flower

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