There’s another tome on Mark Bittman’s already sagging shelf: The inevitably titled How to Cook Everything Vegetarian landed this week in bookstores, which somehow made room for it amongst the other Bittman cookbooks.

In an interview with Publishers Weekly, Bittman notes that Japan has the best vegetarian cooking, western Europe has the worst (“I think it’s largely because wealthier countries have the most meat”), and that vegetarianism generally is ascendant:

I still consider myself an omnivore, but when I look at what I cook for myself, I hardly use meat and fish anymore. And with all the environmental and agricultural changes, meat is going to be scarcer; there’s already less fish. So I think more people are going to eat this way in the future.

He also says that he’s revising How to Cook Everything for its 10th anniversary next year.

PETA posted a link to the interview on its blog, and the comments section reads like a PETA parody. “Poodle” complains about the Amazon link (“I thought I just recieved [sic] an action call advising to boycott amazon because they sell books and magazines on cockfighting….”); “observer” says Bittman is insufficiently pure (“good thing this guy recognized that vegetarians are on the rise, but he recognized $$$$$$ for himself with another book. he still eats meat!!!”); “Anonymous” makes an obscene remark about Bittman and a cucumber; before finally “Geoff” shows up and tells everyone, thankfully, to stop gnawing on their bitter melons: “It’s a blog post about a vegetarian cookbook, for Christ’s sake. But you people always find some way to bring it back to the negative.”

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