LA may be a long way from upstate New York, but at the Slice—whose owners are from Syracuse—the Buffalo wings are fairly close to those at Buffalo, New York’s famed Anchor Bar, says handlertaper.

But pretty much every thread about chicken wings ends up as a tribute to Ye Rustic Inn. “Suicide extra crispy, accept no substitutes,” declares blackbookali.

Big Wangs makes some good wings—good for the taste buds, not so much for the arteries. Speaking of arteries, Big Wangs truly excels with tater tots, and its “heart-a-tot” is a huge order of them, covered in Alfredo sauce with bacon and parsley.

The extra-spicy Buffalo wings at Ribs USA may not be as hot as the suicide wings at Hoagies and Wings (though those are kind of soggy, says jimmyodonnell), but they’re the best Jwsel has had in LA, with great flavor. You can also get spicy fries, big thick ones coated in the same sauce. Everything else sucks, though.

The venerable Prince o’ Whales, which declares itself LA’s oldest sports bar, can also boast about its meaty, crisp, and moist wings, says Kris P Pata. They come in three levels of heat, but only the type who downs habaneros by the fistful should go beyond medium. This dive is immensely popular with local airline workers and also pro coaches: “The sight of then-NY Knicks coach Pat Riley struggling to maintain his coiffed ’do and the pressed dignity of his polo shirt while ingesting a basket of wings, was a treat for us Lakers fans who didn’t like the way he left LA.”

Chicken wings are a house specialty at Kyochon, a Korean fried-chicken joint, says bulavinaka. The slightly sweet batter is infused with the heady flavor of garlic, and the chicken, double-fried to order, is crisp and tasty, with all the flavors and juices sealed in. The spicy wings, brushed with a chile-infused glaze, are a hell of a lot like Buffalo wings.

For a minimalist Asian take on wings, Furaibo is also good, notes ladius. Crisp but not spicy, they’re just dusted with salt and pepper. Unlike Kyochon, Furaibo has booze, and plenty of it.

The Slice [Westside]
1622 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica

Ye Rustic Inn [Los Feliz]
1831 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles

Big Wangs [Hollywood]
1562 N. Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles

Ribs USA [East San Fernando Valley]
2711 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank

Prince o’ Whales [Westside]
335 Culver Boulevard, Playa del Rey

Kyochon [Koreatown]
3833 W. Sixth Street, Los Angeles

Kyochon [South Bay]
In Freshia Market
2515 Torrance Boulevard, Torrance

Furaibo [West LA]
2068 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles

Furaibo [South Bay]
1741 W. Redondo Beach Boulevard, Gardena

Furaibo [Inland of LA]
17859 Colima Road, City of Industry

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