When Pegmeister posted in search of decent Peking duck, the same advice was handed down repeatedly: Don’t bother trying to get it in Boston. queeny‘s dad used to work at (now closed) Weylu and told her that most Chinese restaurants in Boston cheap out by buying roasted duck from the delis and serving it with the Peking duck accoutrements: scallions, hoisin, and pancakes.

There is one place that still does it up right: King Fung Garden II in Brookline. You have to order it a day in advance, a good sign of authenticity. It’s $34.50 for the classic three courses: duck with pancakes, stir-fried, and in soup. And it’s good. “The only bad thing is that this place is set up as a typical take out joint and they don’t serve alcohol. Definitely not a romantic dinner type place but, honestly, the best Chinese food always comes out of the sketchiest places,” says cavaluv.

Note that the Brookline King Fung Garden is not the same as the Boston branch; the owner sold the Chinatown restaurant and moved to Brookline. The Chinatown King Fung Garden isn’t as good.

King Fung Garden II [South Shore]
370 Boylston Street, Brookline

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