Brace yourself: Now that cupcakes are yesterday’s news and the macaron craze is losing steam, we are, argues writer Eric Steinman of, poised for the meteoric rise of alfajores.

Steinman summarizes the construction and appeal of the cookie: “The alfajor is a Spanish/Latin-American confection in origin, consisting of two round shortbread cookies with a dulce de leche (caramel) center. Most often, the cookie is dipped in chocolate, sealing the two cookies into a delicious union, and approximating a very sophisticated and upmarket version of the chocolate-dipped Oreo (all apologies to the alfajores bakers out there).”

They sound dang delicious. But there are three problems with the “next big thing” theory:

1. Cupcake-addicted suburbanites are gonna struggle with the four-syllable name, al-fa-HOR-es. Get ready for people to step up to the baker’s counter and order a dozen alpha-JOHRS.

2. Unlike cupcakes and (to a lesser extent, macarons), these things sound like they’re going to be hard to make at home.

3. As a chocolate-dipped confection, you’re pretty much limited to two colors: brown and darker brown. (Three if you think white chocolate is chocolate, but we can talk about that later.) Cupcakes and macarons come in every color of the rainbow, which makes them the perfect choice for decorating a wedding/shower/open-minded wake.

Image source: Flickr member aokettun under Creative Commons

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