Roy’s Chicago Doggery has all the makings for the Chi-town classic: Vienna beef dogs, sport peppers, celery salt, neon-green relish, and a poppy-seed roll. But Roy’s doesn’t stop there. One special, the Oh No You Didn’t Dog, is topped with sweet potato mustard and blue cheese coleslaw; the Buffalo Dog comes with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and celery salt. There’s even a whiteboard where customers can suggest their own crazy combos.

The traditional Italian beef sandwich is superior, packed with thinly sliced beef, says rworange. Make sure to get it “wet,” dipped in flavorful beef juices. The giardiniera, or pickled vegetable relish, “was so good I scooped from the juice the last bits that had escaped while chowing was in progress.”

Also on the menu: the Maxwell Street Polish dog, with a trip through the deep-fryer if you like, says Melanie Wong. It’s a salty, oily, satisfying beauty, dressed with caramelized onions, peppers, and spicy brown mustard.

Roy’s Chicago Doggery [Sonoma County]
84 Corona Road, Petaluma

 Petaluma: Roy’s Chicago Doggery – The best lunch counter in the Bay Area that is serious fun … Italian beef and the “”Oh No You Didn’t Dog”
Deep-fried Maxwell Street Polish Dog @ Roy’s Chicago Doggery in Petaluma

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