General Gau’s chicken is a dish that goes by many names: General Tso’s, General Tao’s, General Tsao’s. In fact, it wasn’t invented by any of those guys and, no matter what name it goes by, it’s usually boneless chunks of deep-fried chicken with a spicy/sweet sauce, and superkame has a craving for it. Here are the places bandied about on the boards as having good versions:

• Great Chow in Quincy.
• JoJo Tai Pei, “though it’s got a non-obvious name, something like ‘crispy spicy country style chicken,'” says Allstonian. “There is a very good chance the waiter will say something along the lines of ‘You know that’s just General Gau’s chicken, right?’ Assure him that you’re aware of that,” says BarmyFotheringayPhipps.
• FuLoon, where it is “mind-altering” according to lergnom, and served in both “authentic” and regular (read: Americanized) versions.
• Mary Chung, where “it is neither super sweet nor soggy,” says jgg13.

Great Chow [South Shore]
17 Beale Street, Quincy

JoJo Tai Pei [Allston]
103 Brighton Avenue, Boston

FuLoon [North of Boston]
375 Main Street, Malden

Mary Chung Restaurant [Cambridge]
464 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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