Bar pizza is a South Shore classic, but what differentiates it from all the other styles to be found? cannedmilkandfruitypebbles breaks it down: “[Bar] pizzas are small, thin crusted, should have a crispy crust (some are almost buttery cracker-like) and sauce and cheese should not distract from the crust. They’re baked in small pans, which ensures the crisp crust. The cheese is typically a blend and some use cheddar cheese as well as mozzarella.”

It generally comes in between two paper plates in a bag, and its primary purpose is soaking up beer. So where can you find this booze-deflecting treat? Spots mentioned as a favorite by multiple hounds include Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton, New Brown Jug in Chelsea, Newtowne Grille in Cambridge (“Cheese pizza and a pitcher of Pabst for $11.99,” says rknrll), and the Lynwood Cafe in Randolph.

Cape Cod Cafe [South Shore]
979 Main Street, Brockton

The New Brown Jug [North Shore]
24 Adams Street, Chelsea

Newtowne Grille Food & Spirits [Cambridge]
1945 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Lynwood Cafe [South Shore]
320 Center Street, Randolph

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