Are you still buying your lunch down at the local fast-food hutch?

The holidays are not far off, and some extra cash would sure be nice, so drop on over to 52 Projects, where a recent post offered several timely tips for bringing your lunch to work.

Jeff Yamaguchi’s tips range from the obvious (“Pack it up the night before”) to the more esoteric (“Use the tops of your containers as plates, instead of using wasteful paper plates”). What’s great about his tips is that he acknowledges our lazy and prone-to-boredom human nature with suggestions like bringing frozen packaged meals when you can’t get it together to make your own lunch, and treating yourself to a nice lunch once a week (“Wednesday is the optimal day to go out to lunch”).

Need some visual incentive? Yamaguchi started a Flickr group where people can show off their delightful packed lunches.

Need some financial incentive? Clever Dudette, a dietitian, offers her own frugal lunch tips—and estimates the average worker can save nearly $1,000 a year by packing a lunch.

But be careful with those carbs!

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