Trying to avoid pork or eggs in the main dish for brunch? Kedgeree is a spicy alternative. A mix of curried rice with flaked salmon, served with lemon wedges and chutney, offers a flavorful main course.

Salmon is another good choice, served as gravlax, smoked or poached. It’s also tasty made into tea sandwiches with cucumber and cream cheese.

Chicken and gravy is a favorite. Chunks of boneless chicken in a chicken gravy are served over homemade biscuits. Chicken also makes its way into tamales.

Seafood is another option, including shrimp Creole served with spoon bread, or shrimp with grits and cheese soufflé.

Buckwheat is high in protein and perfect for hearty pancakes. A hot cereal of oatmeal, amaranth, or quinoa also ups the protein profile and is paired with fruit, dried or fresh.

Or consider a tofu scramble, served with salsa and guac in burritos; or chilaquiles—a casserole of corn tortillas, layered with chicken, enchilada sauce, and cheese.

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