Most hounds agree that frog’s legs are not strongly flavored. They may taste mild, says Eat_Nopal, but they are strikingly beautiful and have a very nice texture that calls to mind foie gras. When you dress them up with the flavors of ancho chile, roasted garlic, baked plantains, sesame seeds, and a little bit of allspice, they take on a rich, balanced flavor, says Eat_Nopal. hungry_pangolin likes them Chinese-style, fried with garlic, ginger, green onion, and chiles.

The mild flavor is part of the appeal, says FrankJBN. Frog’s legs are a neutral meat with good texture and can take flavor from sauces and condiments. “As we say about pretzels, they are a good way to get mustard into your mouth,” says FrankJBN.

The flavor is a little fishier than chicken, says MakingSense, who likes them deep fat–fried, Louisiana-style, with just a little cornmeal coating. Wild-caught frogs have much more flavor than chicken (or farmed frogs), says chazzerking, reminiscent of young alligator tail fillet. He recommends serving them lightly battered and sautéed in garlic butter, with some parsley and white wine added at the end.

Some hounds can’t recommend them at all. “They taste like chicken … marinated in mud,” says revsharkie.

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