You got marijuana in my chocolate! You got chocolate in my marijuana! Two great tastes that taste great together can get you into a lot of trouble, especially if one of those tastes is some dank green bud.

Federal agents have shut down a factory in Oakland, California, that did a brisk business in mariuana-laced food products, according to a report (registration required) in the San Jose Mercury News.

Prior to the raid, Tainted Inc. produced such relaxing products as:

marijuana-laced … chocolate candy bars in multiple flavors, cookies, ice cream, peanut butter, jelly, barbecue sauce, chocolate syrup, flavored energy drinks, granola bars, moon pies, brownies, chocolate-covered pretzels and ‘Rice Krispy’ treats.

Apparently, if you ate these you could get the munchies and slake them at the same time. But barbecue sauce?

The products were marketed to medical marijuana users through cannabis clubs. Many of the items were sold under the Compassion brand.

Tainted Inc. isn’t the first full-scale marijuana snack food company to be busted in Oakland. Beyond Bomb, which manufactured such treats as Pot Tarts and Stoney Ranchers, was shut down in March 2006.

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