These aromatic mushrooms retain their piney, musky, cinnamony scent better when grilled rather than sautéed. Slice the caps and stalks, roast or grill until they turn a light brown, then eat with oil and salt.

Or you can try bulavinaka’s method, steaming them in a rice cooker with soy sauce, sake, and a little grilled diced onion or deep-fried tofu skin.

They work well in a simple soup: a basic dashi with matsutakes, sliced daikon, and carrots.

HLing offers another preparation: Steam the mushrooms in a chawanmushi cup (an egg-custard dish, one with a lid) for five minutes. Drink the nectar that forms, then slice the mushroom and eat with ginger soy sauce or wasabi.

kobetobiko prepares them as tempura. They’re ethereal, crunchy outside and juicy and flavorful inside.

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