Wei Choon Wang makes first-rate fish balls in the Fuzhou style, reports Chandavkl. At this 24/7 hole-in-the-wall on Eldridge, $3 buys 10 of them–fat, surprisingly light, and stuffed with minced pork–afloat in a bowl of light broth. Season to taste with sriracha, vinegar, and other condiments on the table.

You’ll also find this dish down the block at Young City Fish Balls and at many other restaurants in the newer, Fujianese-dominated quarter of Chinatown, east and south of the neighborhood’s historic core.

For a different spin on fish balls, XO Kitchen has nice ones made in house and served in noodle soup, says Chandavkl. Hounds also recommend this Hong Kong-style cafe for its pork chop casserole, jellyfish with preserved egg and ginger, Japanese-style pan-fried dumplings, and teriyaki freshwater eel over rice.

Finally, a fresh Chinese bakery tip from Wilfrid, who’s been munching his way through Sunshine Cafe’s lineup of savory and sweet buns and pastries. Especially recommended: chicken pies, dried pork rolls, and hot dog and scallion buns, average price around 75 cents.

Wei Choon Wang Restaurant [Chinatown]
6 Eldridge St., near Division, Manhattan

Young City Fish Balls [Chinatown]
21A Eldridge St., between Canal and Division, Manhattan

XO Kitchen [Lower East Side]
148 Hester St., between Elizabeth and Bowery, Manhattan

Sunshine Cafe [Lower East Side]
201 Allen St., between Houston and Stanton, Manhattan

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