A Chowhound’s buffet awaits in front of a grocery store in Boyle Heights Thursday through Sunday evenings, says pleasurepalate. The street is lined with food stalls serving sopes, gorditas, huaraches, and more, with some unusual specialties.

Try something, anything, with salsa de semillas—a blend of peanuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chile de arbol, and peanut oil. It’s nutty and flavorful, spicy but not over the top.

A gordita—in this case, a thick corn tortilla filled with squash blossoms and epazote-flavored tomato—goes really well with salsa de aguacate (avocado) and salsa de chile costeno. It also comes with a complimentary nopales salad, which isn’t slimy at all. It’s got a nice kick from the vinegared onions.

Mexican quesadillas aren’t made with flour tortillas but circles of corn masa stuffed with cheese and other ingredients, then fried. Potato-chorizo filling is a bit too bland, though, and the guajillo salsa doesn’t do enough for it.

There’s a delicious red pozole, every spoonful tasting of pork, chile, and lime. Also check out the pambazo, a sandwich filled with potatoes and sausage or beans, garnished with the fixings and dipped in a guajillo chile sauce.

It’s probably best to hit the stalls on the weekend—a few of them are missing during the week, including the ones with salsa de semillas and pozole. Hours are 7 p.m. until at least 10, and possibly 11 or midnight.

Food stalls [Boyle Heights]
Opposite Big Buy Foods
2233 E. Cesar Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles

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