OK, we all know the primary place the doughnut holds in our culture: It’s a delicious, fatty, guilty pleasure. But the Putnam County, New York, senior citizens who are protesting a decision to refuse donated doughnuts, pies, and sweets at local senior centers raise more issues than just the disappearance of doughy treats.

The picketers say they’re not doughnut fiends; they just don’t appreciate being treated like little kids who can’t think for themselves.

The picketers said they were objecting not to a lack of sweets but that they weren’t consulted about the ban.

‘Lack of respect is what it’s all about,’ said Joe Hajkowski, 75, a former labor union official who organized the demonstration.

Labor union official, eh? Huh.

Still, if we are concerned about type 2 diabetes in our aging population, does it make sense to bring in truckloads of day-old pastries to the senior centers? Especially ones that are “moldy,” according to county officials?

And doesn’t all the “Look at the cute senior citizens picketing” press the story is getting further erode the dignity of the elderly population?

We’re still waiting for the Gray Panthers to weigh in.

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