jumpingmonk feels slightly guilty for being unable to grab a crisp, flaky dim sum pastry with his chopsticks and guide it to his plate without shedding hunks of flaky crust all over the table. How bad is it to just grab one with your fingers? Erika L advises “‘turning’ them so that the chopsticks are grabbing the top and the bottom instead of the sides. This seems to give me a better grip.”

ipsedixit has another approach: “Pick up the tray with the puffs with your hand and bring it close to your dish, then use the chopsticks to transport the puffs from the tray to your dish.”

But really, “forget about the chopsticks,” says PBSF. “Some dim sum such as buns, egg custard tarts, and puffs are eaten with fingers.”

“There are few things as relaxed and informal as eating dim sum,” agrees cheesemaestro “You don’t have to worry much about etiquette. People at other tables are usually engrossed in conversation and aren’t watching what you eat or how you eat it.”

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