Playing Carnac, the Daily Beast presents the 10 biggest food trends for 2010. Hey, Daily Beast, it’s only January!

The picks break down into three major categories: “Interesting!” “Wasn’t That 2009?” and “Duh.” And as a food writer who is occasionally compelled to have opinions on trends (which are often little more than a couple of anecdotes strung together), critiquing another writer’s trend piece is damn close to cannibalism. Still, here goes. Pass the barbecue sauce and a blindfold, please.

Organic chocolate, coconut (particularly coconut beverages), gluten-free food, smoked fish, and exotic citrus. (This last one seems particularly prescient, as evidenced by this post about making vodka infused with Buddha’s Hand.)

That’s So 2009
Anything pickled (maybe even 2008), bacon sweets (the Minnesota State Fair has been selling piles of chocolate-covered bacon for a couple years now), and tricked out popcorn.

Duh, People Always Eat This Stuff
Nostalgic comfort food and spicy snacks. Hand-waving aside, hamburgers never really stopped being popular, and no matter how much you try to dress up the spicy snacks idea, it’s hard to say that we haven’t been looking for nibbles with kick for, well, generations. A lot longer if you go far enough east or west.

At any rate, it’s a slideshow worth flipping through, if only to disagree with it vociferously.

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