Often the filling in a stuffed tamale will get absorbed into the tamale or dry out; not so with blind tamales. A blind tamale is a beautiful thing—rather like a deconstructed version of a regular tamale.

kare_raisu is a big fan: masa spread about half an inch thick, open-steamed in a corn husk, with sauce poured on top rather than inside.

Eat_Nopal says that the more you hang out in indigenous Mexican villages and eat in people’s homes, the more likely you are to be served blind tamales, but sometimes they crop up in restaurants. “I have eaten sveral times in a restaurant called ‘The Restaurant without a Name,’ because it has no name, one of the few non-touristy places in the Jalisco town of Ajijic,” says ekammin. “The enchiladas were served dry, with a pitcher of red chile sauce on the side. Excellent, and not a bit of melted cheese present.”

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