The newly opened Kingburg Kitchen has “the best fish dumplings I’ve ever had—better than Dumpling 10053 or Dumpling House or anywhere,” says Chandavkl.

It’s pretty much a dumpling place, with seven types of dumplings: sole with leeks; pork with sea cucumber and shrimp; vegetable; cabbage with shrimp and pork; plain pork; pork with kau choy; and beef with onion, a rare find.

Vegetable dumplings are pretty good but a little short on flavor, notes chowchow12345678.

The place also seems quite proud of the beef noodle soup. It’s quite tasty, with good chewy noodles, lots of beef and tendon, and a dark, not-so-spicy broth, says suvro.

A few other kinds of noodle soup are on the short menu, a couple of rice dishes, fried noodles with pork and cabbage, and chicken soup. Also side dishes such as cold stewed beef tendon, simmered tripe, stewed eggs, cold tofu salad, and cold cucumber. Most menu items are $3.25 to $6.50.

As for the name, it translates from Mandarin as gold treasure, and its phonetic translation is dumpling, says goodtimer.

Kingburg Kitchen [San Gabriel Valley]
715 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel


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