Burgers are all over the boards this week, from a $6 cheapie at a pizza joint to a contest that pits famous chefs’ patties against each other.

Dr.Jimbob was bowled over by a burger at Oggi Gourmet, a place mostly known for its pizza, but with an occasional special of a burger and fries for a mere $6: “It looked like a respectable 1/3 lb patty, cooked to order to a surprisingly decent medium rare, topped off with bitter greens, a garlicky aioli, slices of tomato, guacamole, and Swiss cheese. This was easily the best $6 fast food burger I’ve had in a while.”

celeriac was similarly surprised by a burger at Cambridge Brewing Company, where he thinks the food runs a poor second to the beer selection. But the burger was “pretty damn good,” with a “nice crusty sear” and a “serious torrent of juices inside.” It comes with beer-glazed onions and mild cheddar.

Burger fans may also want to note Ken Oringer’s All Star Burger Bash, coming up on February 1. Ten chefs, including Jamie Bissonnette and Ming Tsai, will prepare special burgers for the crowd at KO Prime. Admission is a mere $25 and word is that audience members get to sample all 10 burgers. “I am curious to see how many of the chefs choose to use beef, and how many choose other meats, seafood, or even non-meats. I suspect Ming will opt for a non-beef option, maybe a duck burger or veggie. Will anyone attempt a traditional burger or will they all go for very funky alternatives?” wonders RichardA.

Oggi Gourmet [Cambridge]
1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Cambridge Brewing Co. [Cambridge]
1 Kendall Square, Cambridge

KO Prime [Downtown]
90 Tremont Street, Boston

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