Nino’s Place deserves some serious love for its excellent Peruvian food, which is a whole lot cheaper than at a lot of the other Peruvian joints around here. The folks are friendly, and the food is utterly delicious, says velozo155.

The suprema de pollo is tastily breaded chicken served with rice simmered in flavored broth. Another chickeny favorite, arroz con pollo, is very flavorful, with an herby spiciness. DiveFan is especially a sucker for the tallarines verdes, the famous Peruvian green spaghetti.

The menu is mostly Peruvian items, with a little Mexican thrown in. velozo155 hears that the Mexican stuff is good, too. Most specials and dinners run around $7. The place may look a little seedy, but it’s awesome on the inside. “Good chow and better value is often found in humble looking joints,” says DiveFan. “Corporate joints put much more $$$ into appearance + advertising than the food deserves.” By the way: Nino’s last health inspection score was a 91.

Nino’s Place [South Bay]
16104 S. Vermont Avenue, 

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