Please brace yourself for this week’s edition of … Adventures in Dodgy Restaurant Ownership!

A Thai restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has reaped PR slightly worse than that experienced by Exxon after the Valdez disaster by firing a waiter for abandoning his station during the lunch rush.

The “PR disaster” part comes from the fact that the waiter left his job to foil a carjacking and then talk to the police and media about the incident. To add a bit of pathos to an already made-for-TV story, the waiter has a wife and three kids to support, and is an ex-con trying to go straight.

Naturally, the comments posted next to the review of the restaurant on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s website have exploded.

The best of them all:

I ate here and will never go back. I ordered some pad thai with chicken which was fine, but then I asked for my bill and all of a sudden my waiter took off running into the parking lot. He was gone for probably an hour or so! Why should it take my waiter that long to bring the check. He should be fired.

This sad story aside, there are of course reasons for which restaurant employees should get canned. This is probably one of them.

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