There’s a don’t-miss bargain at Primorski in Brighton Beach, which for 25 years has served up hearty Russian and Georgian chow —plus nightly floor shows and free-flowing vodka. At lunchtime, $5.98 buys an appetizer, a main course, terrific cabbage salad, and coffee or tea. It used to be a dollar cheaper—what wasn’t?—but it’s still a steal.

“This is one of the great meal deals in the city,” notes jen kalb.

Among the appetizers, mrnyc recommends kharcho (lamb and rice soup) or nice peppery Ukrainian-style beef borscht. Among the main courses, meat blintzes (filled with well-spiced, fine-ground meat) and salyanka (lamb stew with tomato and onion) are both filling and fine. For a buck or two more, get a round of fabulous house-made bread.

Primorski Restaurant [Brighton Beach]
282 Brighton Beach Ave. #B, between Brighton 2nd and 3rd Sts
Brooklyn, NY

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