Woodward at Boston’s Ames Hotel has been open a few months now and reports are trickling in. Word is that the scene is at this “modern-day tavern” is meat-marketish and loud, the kitchen has a heavy hand with the salt, and the management has an attitude. According to MC Slim JB, the place seems to be aiming for an “exclusive nightclub kind of vibe, carefully controlling access with a kind of dickish attitude even when it doesn’t seem necessary for capacity reasons,” but adds that some of the food and cocktails are worthy of attention.

Food orders: short rib pot roast; flatbread with duck confit, cranberries, and goat cheese; rock shrimp with tomatoes and olives; and the radish, butter, and sea salt appetizer, which is tiny and pricey at $7, but choice.

Cocktails: Ames Addiction, with Ron Zacapa rum, Domaine de Canton ginger, sweet vermouth, and bitters; New Orleans Sazerac (“properly made, and had sugar cube remnants in the bottom of the glass,” says nsenada); Boston Mule, with Absolut Boston, ginger beer, and mint; and Dedham Winter, with cider and Chartreuse. But, hey, they’d better be good at about $14 a pop.

Celeb spotters should also note the presence of Sam Talbot from Top Chef in the kitchen.

Woodward [Downtown Crossing]
1 Court Street, Boston

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