streetgourmetla put together an all-star taco-truck touring team, with some of the big names in the LA food-blogging scene. They toured the five most popular and highly touted fish-taco spots in town. And they found a clear winner: Ricky’s Fish Tacos, the top pick for all four judges.

This is slightly unusual for a strictly authentic Baja fish-taco experience, says streetgourmetla. Instead of giving you a naked tortilla and fried fish and letting you top on your own, Ricky Pina hands you a fully dressed fish taco. He uses quality Vietnamese catfish, and assembles his tacos to order.

“The pico de gallo is vibrant, the mustard accented batter is made from imported Mexican wheat flour, the cabbage is fresh and razor thin, and the homemade crema is a veritable blend of mayo and 1 percent milk,” explains streetgourmetla. “These are delicious fish tacos, and despite not being made from dogfish or angel fish as they are in Baja, you really don’t miss a thing. His frying technique and the perfect consistency of the batter deliver satisfaction.”

Ricky moves around a lot, but is most often found at the Sunset Junction in Silver Lake. To find out where he is, follow his Twitter feed.

Ricky’s Fish Tacos [Silver Lake]
No formal address; for location info, see Ricky’s Twitter feed
No phone available

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