An Atlantic blog post titled “The Real Price of Milk” looks at the dark underbelly of Vermont dairy farms, namely the collapsing price of milk and the demanding (and often dangerous) working conditions experienced by migrant workers.

The post is eye-opening, but a comment signed “New England Farmer” is a zesty rejoinder:

“Every one of the people in VT and NH that hires foreigners does it because that lifestyle is dead or moribund in America. There simply aren’t children interested in the craft of agriculture. The foreigners that are hired tend very strongly to be farmers or farm laborers back home. They know exactly what is entailed. They are simply not shocked (as your WASPy readership seems to be) by the nature of what occurs on farms.”

Best line of the page goes to the same commenter:

“I’ll not tell you how to arrange your ikea, how to structure your 401(k) or what montesori school to select, but in return please concede that you really ought not explain to me the labor principles of my 7 thousand year old craft.”

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