Café Bella Roma S.P.Q.R. opened in June, and it’s getting rave reviews like the early days of La Buca.

There’s nothing magically new here, just delicious chow. Chef Roberto Amico, late of Clafoutis and originally from Rome, is trying to re-create a casual restaurant in Italy. The presence of his friendly wife, Lisa, adds to the homey feel.

Crab cocktail is delicious, chock-full of fresh crab with fresh cantaloupe, lemon, and spices, says kotter. Branzino baked in salt is moist and perfect, served with sautéed spinach, potato purée, grilled polenta, and a lemon-caper sauce.

On weekend mornings, they serve brunch—the Italian breakfast plate has sliced meats and cheeses, breads, jam, and Nutella. There are also American-style egg dishes as well as various frittate (“just like an omelette, except ‘omelette’ is French,” says the menu).

They don’t have a liquor license so far; corkage is just $4.

The restaurant is small and cozy, with a comfortable patio. Lots of street noise from Robertson, though.

Café Bella Roma S.P.Q.R. [Mid-City]
1513 S. Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles

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