Though it’s no secret in the Cantonese community for quality and value, Yum’s Bistro is under the radar for most other folks, says K K. Chef Bosum Yum has an impressive resume, with serious crustacean skills: A crab or lobster dish is a must.

“The deep-fried salt & pepper crab is excellent,” says foodlover, “close to the gold standard of R & G Lounge in San Francisco.”

Salted egg yolk crab has a perfect, lightly salted thin layer of batter that sank into the shell, making the outside a savory contrast with the sweet crab meat within, K K says. Other highlights are “under the bridge” spicy crab, a Hong Kong classic, stir-fried with a ton of garlic flakes, red chiles, and possibly a hint of black bean sauce; it’s less spicy than the menu advertises. Similarly, Jakarta-style crab is listed as spicy but had a mild curry flavor. And there’s a tasty steamed pork hash with salted fish that’s quite light and fluffy.

On the meatier side, hhc liked the flavorful dry braised string beans w/ spicy meat sauce (pork). And word is that Chef Yum makes a killer Hong Kong-style curry beef brisket clay pot. Advance ordering is required, as this is a slow-cooked dish, K K adds.

Yum’s Bistro [East Bay]
4906 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont

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