When Serious Eater Frantic Foodie asked fellow readers about their favorite healthy-yet-indulgent snacks and kicked off the list with a personal favorite—watermelon with feta cheese—the tone was set for some pretty respectable midday munchies. Dominic from the Zen Kitchen shared his recipe for coconut date rolls. Another Serious Eater added:

speaking of fruit and cheese: lately i have been digging fresh figs, roasted garlic, balsamic and farmers cheese on toast.

Sounds like a blue-ribbon-worthy snack, but something tells me this isn’t gonna be readily available in the office vending machine. And for those of us who work from home, who has time to prepare something so elaborate when the afternoon craving kicks in? By the time you’ve roasted the garlic, it’ll be the dinner hour, right?

Anyway, some more realistic snackers listed wholesome treats like bananas with peanut butter, Kashi TLC chewy trail mix bars, Greek yogurt with honey, and even their “roommates’ leftovers.” Personally, I go for Snyder’s of Hanover Organic Oat Bran Sticks or some Stonyfield Farm caramel yogurt. Any other suggestions for healthy snacks to eat on the go?

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