Newsweek’s well-done roundup of Iraq War–inspired cocktails may have you yelling “Too soon!” at your computer screen, what with its descriptions of the bin Laden (a piquant brew of Pernod and Tabasco that “kicks like red peppers sucked through a liquorice stick”) or the Guantanamo Bay Breeze (citrus vodka, puréed pineapple, and cranberry juice).

But reporter Tony Dokoupil gives the trend some context by reminding us that past wars have inspired many existing cocktails, from the French 75—a World War I–era cocktail used to toast fallen pilots—to the Kamikaze.

Drinks blogger Cocktailnerd is ambivalent, originally putting it in the category of “Absurd, and sad,” but eventually comes around, noting:

Thinking of a cocktail named ‘WMD’ or ‘Guantanamo Bay Breeze’ suddenly comes to represent one of the best qualities of the American spirit; an eternally optimistic view of what’s next and how we’ll all survive to see better times in which we’ll drink said drinks and toast those not with us.

Still, those of us with more delicate sensibilities (like myself) don’t have to be left out of the fun. The Newsweek article notes that Donald Trump’s World Bar, across from the United Nations, serves a white-chocolate-dove-garnished drink called World Peace.

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