Maine shrimp exploded into season last week, and they’re looking bigger than usual this year, according to rlh. Buy them heads-on, if possible, as the heads offer clues about freshness. Blue roe attached to the shrimp is another good indication. Here’s where to find them:

• New Deal has shrimp with roe, $4.99 a pound or $3.99 a pound for over 11 pounds.
• Fresh Pond Whole Foods has shrimp for $5.99 a pound.
• The Chelsea Market Basket has the heads-off variety (“markets prefer them for presentation and to keep longer,” says itaunas) going for $3.99 at the seafood counter.

ScubaSteve has the most useful advice of all: When you find the Maine shrimp, “steam them and eat them. The head, the tail, the whole damn thing.”

New Deal Fish Market [Cambridge]
622 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

Whole Foods Market [Cambridge]
200 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge

Market Basket [North Shore]
170 Everett Avenue, Chelsea

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