Continuing the Grinder’s exhaustive coverage of the State Fair Deep-Frying beat, we take you now to Indiana, where this year fair officials have banned the use of trans fats. Your glasses aren’t greased up: Trans fats for frying are banned at a state fair, the only place in the United States where gustatory euthanasia is still encouraged. Indiana officials spent the winter testing alternative frying oils before concluding that a trans-fat-free oil was healthier and better for frying. Theirs is the first fair to have outlawed trans fats, and the news has predictably generated a perfect funnel cake of coverage, including a USA Today story that begins, “It sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. Deep-fried Oreos, Twinkies, corn dogs, funnel cakes, french fries—all dripping tasty, greasy oils.” Um, yes, it does. Still.

The New York Times, however, spoke with an elephant-ear vendor, Chris Coffman, who had a better understanding of nutritional basics:

‘It’s craziness,’ said Mr. Coffman, 45, who says he eats fair food every day but who appears surprisingly trim. ‘They’re using this for a marketing ploy. It’s a way to convince people that they can eat more—that somehow all of this is safe now and you can eat all you want—when we all know that’s not true.’

Or, as Gawker headlined it, “Health Breakthrough: Trans-Fat Cookies Fried in Non-Trans-Fat Oil.”

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