bobsbigboy‘s wife wants to get him a cooking class as a holiday gift, but he’s having trouble finding the right class. He doesn’t want to do a full-bore professional regimen, but he’s no beginner either. Hounds had great recommendations including: • The Knife Skills class at the Cambridge School of the Culinary Arts: blink617 took it as a beginner some years back, and found that “most of the other people in the class were more experienced but still seemed to be learning and getting tips from the instructors.” • Baking classes, also at CSCA. C. Hamster finds them much more challenging than the regular classes, particularly the ones taught by the “fancy pastry chef guy,” Delphin Gomes. “His rec classes tend to be demo-performance, while nearly all of the other classes tend to be 45-minute-lecture followed by everyone-picks-a-recipe-and-cooks-it,” adds enhF94. • Classes at Barbara Lynch’s academy, Stir: “A good pasta course would be useful,” says grant.cook. • Helen’s Kitchen, with instructor Helen Rennie, who offers classes on fish and pastry in Natick, Belmont, and Somerville. Cambridge School of the Culinary Arts [Cambridge] 2020 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 617-354-2020 Stir [South End] 102 Waltham Street, Boston 617-423-7847 Helen’s Kitchen [MetroWest] 3 Ingleside Road, Natick 617-500-0817 Discuss: Looking for a culinary class in between beginner and professional

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