Asian Flavor is on the way up: It now belongs to the Filipino elite. Han’s experience was uniformly outstanding. There’s great pork adobo; a nice dish of fried tofu, fatty pork, and sour dressing—a bit unusual, but with charmingly bright flavors; and an excellent dish of small slices of grilled pork, ever-so-slightly spicy.

Kawayan is probably the only Filipino place in Berkeley. It’s very much a family operation—with Mom in the kitchen. It’s low-key, inexpensive, and tasty, says Joel. Pork adobo is very good, with huge chunks of tender spareribs. Fried tilapia is moist and delicious. Vegetarian options are nonexistent. The website is not yet operational, but will be soon.

Asian Flavor Fast Food [East Bay]
24036 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward

Kawayan Filipino Cuisine [East Bay]
2134 Oxford Street, Berkeley

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