Englewood, New Jersey’s Jerry’s, a sprawling specialty food store whose focus is Italian, is also a North Jersey go-to spot for cheeses from all over. Selection is vast and turnover is high, markabauman reports. Service is helpful and mostly congenial, though one of the cheese guys is either perpetually affectless or surly bordering on mean, depending on whom you ask. But all agree he knows his cheese and is liberal with suggestions and samples. Beyond cheese, mark adds, check out the fairly priced wines, oils, pastas, and prepared foods.

Other decent options for Bergen County cheese-lovers include Maywood Market and the pricier Market Basket in Franklin Lakes. These stores, like Jerry’s, also carry a wide variety of groceries, baked goods, and prepared foods.

Just over the state line, in Nanuet, New York, is a solid hound favorite, Laraia’s Cheese. “The folks at Laraia’s know their stuff and are the opposite of snobby,” JRBlack writes. “They’re full of enthusiasm for cheese and are eager to help customers learn what they like, what pairs well with what, etc.” Hours are limited, so check before you go.

Jerry’s Gourmet Foods [Bergen County]
410 S. Dean Street (near Van Nostrand), Englewood, NJ

Maywood Market Place [Bergen County]
78 W. Pleasant Avenue (near Palmer), Maywood, NJ

Market Basket [Bergen County]
813 Franklin Lake Road (near High Mountain), Franklin Lakes, NJ

Laraia’s Cheese Company [Rockland County]
5 Seeger Drive (at Demarest Mill Road W.), Nanuet, NY

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