pleasurepalate had some pleasant surprises at Cafe Antigua Guatemala. Pickled cabbage, beets, and carrots? It seems almost Eastern European. And mayonnaise-based bean, carrot, and potato salad? But, assures streetgourmetla, it is perfectly Guatemalan. “Potato salad is very much a part of, well, I believe just about every cuisine,” he says.

But whatever you think about where the dishes come from, they’re all delicious. Cafe Antigua Guatemala is a wonderful find, says pleasurepalate. “I absolutely fell in love with the side of black beans,” she says. “The best way I could describe it is that the texture was silky smooth and it had a sweet-earthiness to it that I really enjoyed.”

Chile rellenos are killer. They might be a little surprising if you’re used to the Mexican version; these are built inside a soft, sweet red pepper, filled with ground pork, beans, and carrots, and deep fried.

Cafe Antigua Guatemala [Mid-City]
5421 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

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