“Madhuban is part of a great local trend toward Indian restaurants with more adventurous menus, better decor, better service, and better food quality,” says mdg.

The usual complimentary pappadum come with “a much better than usual tamarind chutney,” and the chickpea salad that comes with ragda (potato) patties is intriguingly flavored. Achari goat is flavored with actual pickles (achar), unlike the version at Hyderabad House that just uses the pickling spices. “The goat flavor was just wonderful; perhaps the best I’ve had in a year of fine goat dishes,” mdg says. It goes great with jeera pulao, basmati rice flavored with onion, cumin, and other spices.

There’s a nice beer and wine selection, and the Madhuban lassi is an unusual variation on the yogurt drink, with mango and rose syrup.

Madhuban [South Bay]
50 Skyport Drive, San Jose

Madhuban [South Bay]
544 Lawrence Expressway, Sunnyvale

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