London, England

The last time I was in London, at age 19, I happily discovered the country’s laissez-faire attitude toward public drinking. As long as you’re not raising a ruckus, the cops don’t mind. This time around, we stroll through Battersea Park, enjoying cold cans of Tetley’s creamy bitters. Beer is one of the great reasons to visit Britain, and the country’s suds are undergoing a renaissance. Delicious cask-poured bitters (low-alcohol beers that create their own bubbles through natural fermentation) are fashionable again, and available in many of the pubs.

As for Tetley’s, it’s mellow enough that beer-haters would find little to complain about. Like Guinness, the cans contain nitrogen canisters, which cause the suds to come out extra frothy and flavorful. The beer has a slightly floral bouquet.

Sitting in the sun, openly drinking really good beer from a can. Yes, America will need to learn some things before it can truly be considered a great country.

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