Adams peanut butter, specifically Adams crunchy, is the best peanut butter in the universe, says dragonfare. “It’s good enough that when I first tasted it, as a gift, I ordered it by the case from the Pacific Northwest, down to Oklahoma.” Smucker’s recently bought Adams, but has so far left the outfit alone to create the same “unmessed-with” peanut butter, made from special peanuts that have been delicately roasted. It’s great in a milkshake made with whole local huckleberries in season, on pancakes, with berries, or on fresh-baked bread.

It’s not homogenized, so you can’t buy a jar and scoop out the peanut butter straight away. You have to stir the oil back into the peanut purée with a strong implement, after which you can eat it. “The stir-up lasts usually until the jar is completely gone,” says dragonfare, “and if your will power is no better than mine, that’s not a very long time.”

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