Xiao long bao, usually known as soup dumplings in English, are Chinese dumplings that have hot soup magically sealed inside the wrapper, in addition to minced pork and crab, explains kingkong5. They’re made by chilling broth until it reaches a gelatinous consistency, filling a dumpling wrapper with gelled broth and a mixture of pork and crab, sealing the dumpling, and then steaming the dumpling until the soup inside melts into hot, luscious broth. When you bite into xiao long bao, the broth spills out into your mouth in a gush of goodness. Hounds think the dumplings originated in Shanghai, but they are also popular in Taiwanese cuisine. On the boards, they’re often referred to as “XLB,” which is just an acronym for the name in pinyin. Eat them in Taiwanese joints—but don’t order them at dim sum, says ipsedixit. kingkong5 ordered them at dim sum once, and they were terrible. The dumplings had exploded, leaving no soup inside.

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